Supporting Transitions: Cultural Connections for Adults with Autism

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What is Supporting Transitions?

Supporting Transitions is a project that seeks to increase opportunities at cultural organizations for adults on the autism spectrum. The Museum Access Consortium (MAC) has noticed that while cultural programming for school age children with autism has seen great advancement, there is still a gap in cultural opportunities for adults with autism. MAC’s goals for the project are to increase cultural opportunities for adults with autism by creating tools and resources to share best practices, assisting new cultural programs for adults on the autism spectrum, and supporting the hiring of adults with autism as employees, interns, and volunteers.


How can MAC help? 

MAC has a strong network of partners dedicated to the Supporting Transitions project who are ready to work with cultural organizations on new initiatives. Through the Supporting Transitions working group, many autism support organizations have not only shared valuable information but stand at the ready to collaborate with cultural organizations to increase opportunities for the adults with autism with whom they work. MAC will help connect cultural organizations with the autism community and provide tools and resources to support the work.

Why is Supporting Transitions important?

Adults with autism represent a large portion of our population and are a significant potential audience for cultural organizations. As many organizations engage in diversity initiatives, we urge them to remember that diversity includes disability. Adults with autism are eager to engage in cultural opportunities and can make unique contributions to these organizations.

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Supporting Transitions Case Studies: Click Here

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Additional Resources

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