Cooper Hewitt Lab: Workshops on Access and Inclusion for College Students

9:00am – 9:30am: Registration, Breakfast & Welcome

10:00AM – 10:20AM: Workshop 1: Designing Accessible Presentations, with  Walei Sabry & Claire Kearney-Volpe

10:30AM – 12:00PM: Workshop 2: Empathy Building for Innovation, with Margaret Price, Principal Design Strategist, Microsoft

How can diversity act as a source of innovation and disruption? Can design be both universal and personal?   Humans have been at the center of design practices for a long time. Although product makers and designers have always sought to understand their customers, they often miss an opportunity. By including a diverse set of people in the design process with a range of physical and cognitive abilities, we can start to understand how empathy and diversity fuel innovation. In this participatory session, we will explore important considerations and practical approaches to uncover universal human motivations, identify barriers and exclusion that impact participation, and glean insight from how people adapt. Join Margaret Price to explore how designing for human diversity can unlock more meaningful experiences for each of us and result in better technologies for all of us.