King Manor Museum Welcomes Adult Special Needs Groups

Young man in white cap and yellow Lakers sweatshirt outside churning butter

Learning How to Churn Butter

Group homes, Day-hab, and other adult special needs groups are invited to plan a trip to King Manor! Options include guided tours of King Manor and special hands-on workshops. Reservations are required for organized special needs groups, regardless of group size. Tours and activities can be customized for groups with high, moderate, and low-functionality. Please note: King Manor is wheelchair-accessible but room size restricts how many chairs can be on a single tour.

Activity themes:

Historic Fun & Games – Try your hand at the kinds of games people enjoyed 200 years ago!

Work or Play – Make a traditional toy or try churning butter, a 19th century chore

Rufus & His Trees – Visit 200 year old trees around King Manor and make a tree-related craft.

Reading, Writing & ‘Rithmetic – School-related fun can include paper marbleizing or making a book.